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This Moment

I am looking into your eyes,
A moment of silence,
A moment of passion.
Nobody of us dares to speak a word,
Fearing to break this moment,
That seems to last like eternity.


I see your glancing eyes and you see mine,
Silence is filling the air and the world seems
To be reduced to just you and me.
I know what you are thinking and you know it too.
You are so close to me right know,
but you can’t be close enough.
Why can’t this moment last forever?
I fear the point, when it will break,
Because it’s fragile, it can easily do.


I want to feel your lips on mine,
I want my hands around your hips
I want you so close that I can feel you breathing.
I want to keep you forever, trying to stop you from leaving.

(I know you will never disappoint me)

This is a moment, when the seconds become hours,
The hours become days
I am lost in your eyes, glancing and bright,
Fixing my view with everything else becoming
Unnecessary, unimportant, blanked out to me.
Your hypnotizing eyes, are dragging me to you.
They let me forget the world,
They keep me by your side
They let me believe every word you say.


Moments like these, will be burnt forever into my mind.
I will keep them save, nobody will ever know,
Just a secret between us two.
I want to share every single moment with you.
No matter, if you are sleeping or awake, crying or happy.
I know you feel the same, I can see it, I can feel it.
I know you the best, like nobody does,
Sometimes even better than you do.
I know what you need (and it is me)
And I know what is bad for you and I’ll protect you from that.


This is a moment, I always dreamed of and you tell me you feel the same,
While a small, barely visible smile is forming your cute lips.
I am sure you will never leave me. You finished my search.
You stopped my vacation and I found my home,
A place, where I can rest and be the one I really am.

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